Thika Sub-County Stadium was inspected on Tuesday, December 04, 2018. The team was taken round by Ms. Njeri, the Sub-County Sports Officer.


The facility was found to have recently hosted a musical event that left its surface in a sorry state. It is regretted that despite short-comings cited in previous visits such as the bumpy turf and other areas which promises were given would be attended to, same have so far not been acted upon, even as the league went on throughout the 2018 season.

The following must now be done before any matches are hosted at the ground:

  1. The playing turf that remains extremely bumpy and un-even, to be urgently run over by a 5 to 7 ton roller, the whole length and breadth to try “level” it for the safety of both the players and match officials. (During Thika United FC match against Gor Mahia FC at the ground, it was noted with regret that a Gor Mahia FC player was injured due to the bumpy and un-even surface. An assistant referee was also injured as he run along the touch-line for the same reason.)
  2. The goal-posts to be given a new coat of white paint for visibility.
  3. Several areas of the turf are depressed and can act as a collect a lot of rain water that will not augur well when it rains before or during the match as they will turn into small ponds. Such areas either need to filled up or made level when the ground is run over by a heavy roller as suggested in No.1 above.


For the sake of safety and security of the players and match officials, the Committee hereby suspends Thika Sub-County Stadium from hosting KPL matches with immediate effect until such time the playing turf will have been appropriately attended to, in the best interest of players and match officials. Any Club [s] that had earmarked the Stadium as their home ground and/or alternative ground are directed to look for an alternative venue. Meanwhile, the Club [s] wishing to use the facility are encouraged to liaise with County Government of Kiambu to press for correction of these defects, which once done, a re-inspection will be carried out at the Club [s] own cost


The inspection team visited the ground and found the home Club Tusker FC going through their training and practice sessions. The inspection team was taken round by Wycliffe Makanga, the Team Doctor, later joined by the Team Manager Mr. George Opondo.

The Inspection team asked Dr. Makanga how many injuries to players he attends to on a daily basis given the poor state of the ground.


  1. The ground is heavily infested with poor hard grass, thus making the main playing turf very bumpy with many depressed areas collecting ponds of water that will not allow a ball to move when it rains during a match.
  2. Both goal areas are bear with no grass and goal lines between the goal posts are hilly and would not allow a ball to roll easily even if the goalkeeper is beaten, thus preventing a would be goal. This is a big disadvantage to players of both teams who strive to score goals.
  3. The Eastern side penalty area is bear and collects and a lot of rain water, just as the center of the field and many other areas in the playing turf are depressed and will be ponds of stagnant water with heavy rains.


With all that space available, if only the Club would convince its main Sponsor, Kenya Breweries to invest on the ground, Ruaraka Ground has the potential of being one of the best club-owned stadiums that would easily accommodate an upwards of 15,000 football fans from whom the Club would generate substantial income through gates entry.

This would ease the club’s financial burden from its main sponsor. However, it does appear that both the club and its sponsor have not bought the idea and perhaps does not consider it a priority. We all the same encourage the club to explore that possibility as a long time investment project with its main Sponsor.

Meanwhile, given the poor state of the playing turf of this ground, the Committee hereby suspends with immediate effect hosting of any KPL matches at the facility until such time the concerns raised herein will have been attended to and a re-inspection done to assess and approve the ground at the expense of the Club.


The team visited Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos, and were taken round by Mr. Mwasia, later joined by Ms. Angela Ng’ang’a, the Ag. Director of Sports, Tourism, and Culture.


  1. The playing turf is well grassed and trimmed, however, the drainage system appear slow and does not drain water fast enough to allow match continuity in the event it rains heavily before or during the play.

2. The Ag. Director was directed to liaise with her other senior officials in the Department to see how soon they                would hasten correction of that small problem that would easily cause match abandonment in the event of                    heavy down-pour.


The Committee recommends the ground to continue hosting KPL matches but the facility owners and management are urged to hasten the correction of drainage system to forestall possible match abandonment due to flooding.


Though this ground has artificial turf, its location has turned out to be a security risk, not only to fans but also players who sometimes get mugged and/or forcefully compelled to surrender valuables. Most of the surrounding playing turf drainage covers are broken and drainages left gaping, thus a danger to players should one be pushed and fall therein.

The Committee does also not find it appropriate that KPL should demean, lower and allow its league matches to be played at between 10.00 am and 11.00 am other than stipulated time of 3.00pm with all other grounds unless for reasons of unavoidable weather conditions. KPL matches are an important league in the country and cannot be treated as a County Division three or two league most of which are played by below 16 year olds.


The Committee hereby bans with immediate effect hosting of any KPL matches at Camp Toyoyo until such time that issues of open drainages, security and proper sitting arrangements, not fans sitting atop outer perimeter wall, will have been addressed to the satisfaction of safety requirements in a football hosting ground.




The management of Tusker FC is desirous of re-locating to Kinoru Stadium as their home ground. However, an impromptu visit by the Committee Chairman, Lt. Col. Oloo revealed much work on the facility was still in progress; hence the intended visit by the team to inspect the Stadium was deferred to a later date in or around March/April, 2019. It is hoped, unless work stops, the County Government of Meru will have put the facility to a level it can be allowed to host matches without any serious risks to players and fans, hopefully with many construction debris cleared from the site.



Kinoru Stadium is not yet ready to host league matches until the Committee will have satisfied itself after inspection that all is well and all construction debris have been cleared for the safety and security of both the players, match officials and fans. Also, Kinoru Stadium needs to have an inner perimeter fence which is a must to segregate fans from the playing unit.


The turf at the KPA Sports Club Ground, Mbaraki, has been given a facelift with very well-trimmed grass surface. The goal lines are somehow hilly and would not allow the ball to roll over even if the goalkeeper is beaten. The Stadium and Grounds Manager and the Club CEO’s attention was drawn to that and a promise was made to effect immediate correction.

Meanwhile the Management has now completed construction of the new Club Fitness Centre that houses two new clean and well-fitted teams’ dressing rooms as can be seen from the photos shared below.

The next phase should now see strengthening of the weak chain-link perimeter as can also be seen for what happened after the Bandari-Gor Mahia match. Official communication is to be addressed to the Club sponsor, KPA, for immediate action if the facility is to continue hosting high profile matches.


Uneven playing surface and faded markings.


Water ponds on playing surface. Surface also bumpy and goal area has no grass.


Good level playing surface.


Mbaraki Stadium dressing rooms and weak chain link that needs urgent repair.



Kinoru has a good playing surface but construction debris in and around the stadium as well as lack of an inner perimeter fence makes it unsafe for hosting matches.