The team comprising of Lt. Col. Erick W. Oloo, the SSSC Chairman, Mr John Barasa, Mr Laban Jobita who joined in Kisumu and GMT Ottieno, toured and inspected the Western Circuit Stadiums/Playing Grounds of venues noted here below on Tuesday, November 20th and Wednesday 22nd, 2018 respectively.


The ground has a secure perimeter fence all round to prevent any spectator intrusion/invasion. The playing turf measurements meet the set standard minimums with either minor excess or fewer differences that do not impact negatively to the set minimum requirements.

URGENT WORK: The playing turf is, however, very bumpy and that the Stadium authority through the County Director of Sports Mr Wesley Kipng’ok were instructed to get a heavy 5-ton and above roller to run over the entire length and breadth of the field to level the tuff before December 15, 2018 when the first match takes place at the venue. Also, overgrown grass in some standing areas is to trimmed to avoid possible snake bites. The central stand terraces have some timber breaking off and have to be fixed.


The playing turf is fairly even, save for a few isolated areas especially on the northern half of the field that need to be filled with soil to make such areas level. The Stadium authority officials present were instructed to attend those areas.

URGENT WORK: The Southern goal posts are not aligned at 90 degrees, while the crossbar is sagging. Both the Stadium County officials Mr Bernard Kipkoech and Kirui together with Zoo FC Chairman Mr Ken Ochieng’ were instructed to ensure the defects of the Goal-Posts and the Cross-Bar are corrected before their first match against Nzoia Sugar FC on December 9th, 2018.

PROPOSED MAJOR WORK: The County Government should draw up a plan to shift the main Central stand to the Western side of the Stadium. This is because by the time matches and/or any other activities are being held at the ground especially in the afternoon, the sun is hitting directly on to the faces of those sitting at the stand supposed to VIP yet they would be quite uncomfortable with the sun directly to their faces.


Despite having sent earlier messages of our intended visit, there was no one to meet the team at the grounds. The Acting Club Chairman, Mr Bosco Mogare, when spoken to, informed the Chair he was not aware of our visit and was holed up in a Board meeting. He, however, made no effort to assign anyone to represent him and/or receive the team. This clearly showed lack of recognition of the seriousness of the work of the Committee by the Chemelil Sugar FC management.


The field looks more of a grazing ground with over-grown grass both inside and the surrounding areas than a football playing field. The overgrown grass can conceal [harbour] snakes especially on the outer perimeter surrounding the playing turf.

This is dangerous to players and spectators have to be attended to before any match can be hosted at the ground. The playing area has also been invaded with ant hills and needs immediate attention.


The Committee strongly recommends that Chemelil Sugar FC shift their home matches to Kisumu County [Moi] Stadium until such time that they will have upgraded their ground with minimum specified standards in place. They will also generate revenue in Kisumu unlike now when fans enter and watch their matches free of any charge.


The Moi Stadium outer and inner perimeter walls have been given a new coat of very attractive County colours and look quite impressive. Behind the main VIP sitting parking area is neatly covered with chippings. The playing turf being artificial meets the set minimum measurements. The second phase removal of the garbage at the southern right-hand side of the main entrance is in the process and is said should be over in the next six or so months. If the garbage dump is cleared, the menace of the offensive stench and the fumes from the burning rubbish would be a big relief. The County Government is muted to be on course for a major upgrading of the Stadium to replicate what their neighbours, Kakamega County has done at Bukhungu. Should this materialize, Western Kenya would indeed be marketable for International matches in the not-too-distant-future.


Bukhungu Stadium, the home of Kakamega Homeboyz FC, now ranks top among the County Stadiums with impressive Executive VVIP restrooms, large conference meeting rooms and spacious teams and match officials changing rooms and clean washroom rooms and showers. It has largely covered spectator sitting the main stand that can accommodate close to 3000 spectators. The Eastern side opposite the main stand is partly covered and well terraced. Subject to being well maintained devoid of vandals, Bukhungu will be a venue in serious demand. Other Governors should bench-mark from Bukhungu and replicate same in their respective Counties.


Like Chemelil Sports Complex, Sudi is more of a Secondary School football playing ground and does not deserve the name “Stadium” and should merely be called a playing ground.

It had overgrown grass all around, save for the playing area which was being mowed at the time of inspection. Playing surface measurements are with the recommended specifications and not be changed. For the purposes of encouraging footballing activity in the area, and appreciating the constraints Nzoia Sugar FC is experiencing, the ground can continue to host Premier League matches provided the over-grown grass is cut before December 8th, 2018 and the playing turf appropriately marked.


The Nzoia Sugar FC management is directed to make every effort to concretize the main stand terraces for the comfort of the fans whether they pay to watch matches or not. The local football fans should prevail upon their County Executive Committee Member in-charge of Sports and the MCA to do something on the ground if it is public property for the benefit of the youth and the football fans in the area that forms the core of their voters.


Mumias Sugar Sports Complex looks seriously neglected with no visible activity going on. The playing surface has been invaded and infested with ant hills and will need immediate attention to arrest the menace before December 16th, 2018 when Vihiga United FC hosts Ulinzi Stars FC. If this is not done, the ground is suspended from hosting league matches.

The Club PRO Mr Atsiaya met the inspection team at Bukhungu and requested to be excused as he had other pressing engagements elsewhere.