PRESS RELEASE(Wednesday, 29 March 2017):

Following receipt of the Referee’s and Match Commissioner’s report of the Kakamega Homeboyz FC-Muhoroni Youth FC match which was played at the Mumias Sports Complex on Sunday, 26 March 2017, Kakamega Homeboyz FC have been awarded 3 points and 2-0 win in accordance with Rule 3.8 of the Rules Governing Kenyan Football.

The Rule states, “3.8 Forfeited Matches: A match forfeited by a Club will be awarded to their opponent. All goals scored by the opponent are valid and will be counted. Any goals scored by the offending Club will be cancelled. If the opponent had only one or no goals, the match will be awarded to them on a 2-0 basis. Any yellow or red cards awarded during the match are valid and will be counted.”

Muhoroni Youth FC are found to have been in breach of Rule 3.4 (b) and Rule 3.7 of the Rules Governing Kenyan Football.

Rule 3.4 (b) states, “Abandoned Matches: A Club will forfeit any match which was abandoned because of the misconduct of their members or supporters.”

Rule 3.7 states, “Abandoned Matches: A Club which refuses or fails to respect the instruction of the referee to start or resume play will forfeit the match and their share of the gate receipts.”

Disciplinary proceedings have been instituted against Muhoroni Youth FC.

Jack Oguda

Chief Executive Officer, Kenyan Premier League