As part of our phase 1 restructuring stage, we’re pleased to announce Kenya Premier League has partnered with US and UK investors who have expertise in the field of global sports marketing, branding and investments. The purpose of this working partnership is to help facilitate investment into Clubs and County Associations in order to develop the Professional Game for men, women and youth teams.

We have witnessed the negative impact COVID-19 had on the Sports industry. This has left Clubs with little or no finances and ultimately this hurts the Communities, the Youth and the Economy as a whole. Football is all about the Youth and the Community.

Therefore it’s time we got our clubs into the right corporate structures to attract investment and build football assets. Football is a social enterprise and clubs need their own facilities. Without investment there is no football club. As things stand many clubs in Kenya rely too much on Sponsorships but this is not enough. Sponsorship income usually covers 25% of a professional club total operating costs.

This is not a sustainable business model for professional clubs in Kenya and other assets need to be built to generate more income. Kenya Premier League already works in consultation with its Member Clubs however we invite all Football/Sports clubs and Country football associations to fill out the application form so we can understand the financial needs and facilitate capital investment into new facilities so we can start building a Football/Sport industry we can all be proud of.