Statement by the Kenyan Premier League on use of improper equipment at AFC Leopards vs Ulinzi Stars match:

Following wide media coverage of the use of pieces of paper to signal substitutions during the rescheduled 2017 SportPesa Premier League season Round 1 Match Number 004 featuring AFC Leopards and Ulinzi Stars which was played in Machakos on Wednesday, 05 April 2017, the Kenyan Premier League Limited wishes to clarify as follows:

In line with rule 3.5 of the Rules Governing Kenyan Football which states, “3.5 Match Arrangements (a) Condition of Field: The home club is responsible for ensuring the field and field equipment are in reasonable condition for the match. The home club must install suitable goal nets and provide at least two footballs suitable for use in the match.”

As per that rule, AFC Leopards, as home team should have ensured that proper equipment for signaling substitutions is provided by the owners of the Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos County, as this is part of what is paid when hiring a facility to host a match.

In regards to that incident, Kenyan Premier League has written to AFC Leopards demanding an explanation to the circumstances which led to improper equipment being used at their match.

Going forward, the Match Officials will be required to enforce the rule referred to above to the letter and inspect all field equipment during the mandatory pre-match meetings.