Bandari have released their star midfielder Anthony “Muki” Kimani.

Although the Kenya international has not been struck off the team’s records officially, coach Paul Nkata told that the player had been granted indefinite leave from the club.

It is understood that Kimani has gotten a job outside football at Bandari’s mother company Kenya Ports Authority.

“If a player gets such a job, it is difficult for him to concentrate on football. Especially because he stands to gain a lot from his new job as he looks ahead to his life outside the sport. That, together with the fact that he is approaching his sunset years in as far as his football career is concerned, is the reason we made the decision to let him go. So that he can concentrate on one thing,” a club official said.

Kimani, who scored six of the 28 goals Bandari put in last season, has been missing in action this season.

Nkata said the decision to leave him out of the team’s plans this year was purely an administrative one for which he played no part. He, however, admitted that his team could have done well with his services.

“It is, however, for the better because he is not stranded. He is still part of the club and he can come back whenever he wants to. He is still in the club’s official records.